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Ethem Efendi Caddesi No: 64 Erenköy / Kadıköy / Istanbul / Turkey
Tel: 0532 440 02 58

Neden Biz?

Why us?

Children are the future of you, us, and our world...

They are the most beautiful, pure, and vulnerable form of humanity...

With this awareness, we embrace them with love,

discovering the goodness and beauty within them

while helping them explore and learn about our world.

Who are we?

​Hello, this is Selin Ojalvo. 

I graduated from Koç University Sociology Department and

Istanbul University Conservatory Voice and Opera Department.

I am the mother two girls aged 3 and 9 and of our dog we took from the shelter.

As long as I can remember myself, sharing the love and compassion in me with babies and children is the most important happiness for me. After I started working as a Babysitter at a young age,

I discovered my reason for living during my summer internship at the Child Protection Agency.


The intervening, university and career years could not stop me from this passion. After I became a mother, I combined my innate love of children with my 30 years of experience with children and my motherly feelings.

I have been with you as SOS Babysitter for 5 years.

Now we have come together with people like myself and become a bigger family.

SOS Babysitter team

We are a team that combines their expertise and experience in different fields with their love for children.

A colorful team that shows their expertise and sometimes can't stop the never growing child inside, and participates in our games.

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SOS Babysitter family photo
Neler Yapıyoruz?


When you need

to take time for yourself

or save time 

for other responsibilities, whether during your

business meetings,

a cinema break

with your partner,

or while enjoying the moments of weddings and events, you can call us to accompany your loved ones.


We develop motor skills, communication and language skills with age-appropriate activities to support the development of children who have just started school or

are in the pre-school period.

We can also do our activities

in English, optionally.


If it's a challenge

to meet your little ones

when they come home

from school

or keep track of

their homework,

we provide support

by meeting them either

at your place or our own, assisting with

daily lessons review

and homework follow-up.


To us, the most beautiful party is one where children

joyfully run and play,

filled with laughter.

We warm up the party with activities tailored to the theme of your birthday celebration, and after an array of fun games, we conclude the entertainment with essential face painting, balloon twisting, and puppet shows.

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